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Solutions for the Food Industry in a Post-Pandemic World

March 1st, 2022

This conference will be held virtually

The Southern California section of IFT presents its 35th Annual Food Industry Conference.

Join us as an attendee!


Southern California Food Industry Conference 

- A Brief History -

It was the summer of 1986 when several IFT leaders from Southern California and Northern California met at Chapman University to share a vision at the interface of academe-food industry education. Those leaders were Robert “Bob” Pearl from UC Davis, Walter Clark, Fred Caporaso and Lou Rockland from Chapman University, Wayne Bidlack from the University of Southern California, and Milo Nielsen and Roger Clemens from Carnation. Their vision was to increase education and collaboration directed to the future of the industry and enhancement of student career opportunities at this interface. The initial conference in 1987 was a 2-1/2-day program at Chapman University that engaged an audience of more than 300 individuals, obtained considerable industry sponsorship of breakout sessions, advanced student poster session competition, and attracted the IFT president. Over the course of 35 years (as of 2022), the Southern California Section of IFT continues this conference under the excellent, diverse and visionary leadership of the local section and continues to engage extraordinary domestic and international scientists and promising students from academe and industry.

Presentation materials will be provided to registered attendees after the conference and will be available for 60 days after

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Thank you for joining SCFIC 2022,
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